Useful Information


We suggest you make a booking to avoid having to wait for a therapist if we are all booked at the time.
Group bookings will require payment in advance to reserve the venue and therapists.

Arrive a little earlier to settle in with a hot cup of our famous tea.


If you are going to cancel your appointment please do so as early as possible as we are reserving a therapist for you.

Running Late

Sometimes this is unavoidable we understand and we will attempt to provide you with the full session that you booked for if there is no one else scheduled .


Ample parking as the centre has a large carpark directly in front of “Nj45”.

How are you?

By completing a massage consent form and listing any medical or recent or past conditions you may have ,allows us to tailor your massage and make recommendations accordingly.

We point out that if you eat healthy, drink lots of water, exercise regularly, have enough rest and regular massages will minimise your visits to the doctor.

Do not forget to ask us about a few ancient yoga exercises we recommend which incorporates stretching and strengthening.

What to expect on your visit to “Nj45”

Enjoy a hot cup of root tea on arrival while we chat to you about your general well being . We can suggest to you a particular tailored massage to suit you or you can simply choose.

We listen to your needs and focus on your tension areas accordingly. You will not receive any feeble attempts of this ancient massage. Once the therapist works out the type of pressure that suits you she will then continue to perform this transcendental therapy.


The massage oils we use is apricot kernel carrier oil with bergamot essential oil. A calming and refreshing aroma.

Couples Rooms

If you are a couple and would like to share this experience together you may book one of our double rooms and enjoy the benefits of our place.

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Mondays 11am till 7.30pm
Tues – Sunday 10.30am till 7.30pm
Phone: 86251699